publications & PRESS


"I Wore My Blackest Hair: Two Poems (Excerpts)." The Margins.

"Rein." Narrative Magazine, First Place Winner of the Narrative 30 Below Contest.

"Alien Miss." Tupelo Quarterly, Finalist in the Tupelo Quarterly Poetry Contest (TQ14).

"Mary." Black Warrior Review, Finalist in the BWR 2017 Poetry Contest.

"I Promise I Won't Cry." wildness, Pushcart Prize nomination.

"Can You Speak English Yes Or No," & "In The Modern Encyclopedia For Basketball,Peach Mag.



"My Sister Plucks The Hair Above My Upper Lip." HEArt Journal.

"When I Boiled The Corn." Poemeleon

I Wore My Blackest HairLittle A. Finalist in the 2016 Little A Poetry Contest.



"Hey, Man." Room Magazine.

"Picking Raspberries With Adam." Bodega. 

"When All You Want." Sugared Water Magazine.

"Then I Woke Up In Your Bed." Sky + Sea, Porkbelly Press.

"Morning Comes, I Am Shiny With It." Berkeley Poetry Review.

"Calumet," "Your Mom Tells You To Stop Writing About Race." Tinderbox Poetry Journal.

"Letting the Dogs Out," "When I Boiled the Corn.The Margins.

"Every Thing's A Fly." Stirring. 

"Carlina Duan and Jasmine An: Poet-On-Poet Interview." Menacing Hedge.

"Not A Myth," "Years*." Tinderbox Poetry Journal, *selected as 2nd Place Winner in Tinderbox Contest Issue.



Here I Go, Torching. Winner of the Edna Meudt Poetry Award. National Federation of State Poetry Societies, Inc.

"A Mild Story." Michigan in Color.



"Our Sacrifice, Our Shame." Michigan in Color.

"I Am Not A Geisha.Michigan in Color.

"How An English Major Found Her (Chinese American) Voice On Campus." Mochi Magazine.

Columnist for The Michigan Daily (Summer of 2014):



Electric Bite Women. Red Beard Press.

"Girl Scout Cookies," "Foot Binding," "The First Peck." Uncommon Core. Red Beard Press.